173 days since last mass-annihilation 

No I get it, the apocalypse wasn’t for everyone.

Our community mandated uniform of leather jackets, studded boots, a minimum of six belts, and perfectly shaved armpits are a bit of a hassle; the 1/8th of adult population who were turned into cognizant trees slows down transit; not to mention the whole social conscription onto cults and categories based on your humanoid-mutant status will make any sentient creature wish the sulfuric fire storms of February had just incarcerated everyone the first time around.

But hey, this post-apocalypse pre-dystopian set up we’re rolling with isn’t all bad.
Scrounging through the chemical refuse of humanity has given me some real insights into the people that once populated this city, and I’m willing to relinquish some wisdom to help other’s navigate their new life at the end of the world.
Just kidding, but that sure does sound like something some pretentious ‘armageddon survivor’ would be spouting, right?
I’ve yet to be enlightened from sifting garbage, however, ¬†I do know that the Nihilists have an open mike night planned for next Thursday and they always have the best bands.
If you’re interested in their melodramatic ramblings,
I’ll see you there.

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