Scavenge and survive!

Scavenge and survive!

Not all of us can make a living off of fighting in the pits for food, if you’re like me, you spend precious daylight hours digging though the trash of humanity; evading rubble avalances as you climb through collapsed skyscrapers looking for anything you could make into shelter, scaling concrete walls for the tasty plants that grow in the cracks, fighting with neighbours and enemy cults alike for any kindling that’s not been doused in chemical waste.

After I take all this time searching for the means to survive, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is figure out how to cook it all together to make a tasty meal – so I’ve compiled a couple great recipes from my Crafter friends to ease the creative burden.

Nettle Cakes:

This is one of the fancier treats I’ve eaten since the world plunged into chaos.
Great for groups of friends gossiping around a nice garbage fire at night, which is Crafter tradition.


  • 3 fistfuls of uranium dust
    (easiest to find around the Graft steam pits)
  • 9 small bundles of nettle thorns
  • Two pinches of barbed wire rust
    (gives it the great tang)
  • 2 large mouthfuls of water
    (doesn’t have to be clean!)

Mix up into a good pile of goop and stuff handfuls of it into tin cans, then place those cans in a low burning fire and wait for it to bubble and puff up!

I’ll add more later!

~ Fysh

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