Peer Review 2

Peer Review 2

My second peer review is dedicated to Nipun Tiwari, their website and internet enterprise, “Media, Popular Culture and Politics,” which can be visited here.
The strength of this website’s layout lies in its simplicity; a dark grey background presents an authoritative backdrop for posts, which appear in a concise, linear pattern on the front page, written in a readable, yet no-nonsense font. The website’s coherent structure allows for the content of the posts to be the main focus.

Though the posts present topical issues and opinions supported by detailed analysis, perhaps the website would be enhanced if more was known about the author. It’s understandable that a level of professionalism can be attained through distancing personal life from work, but in attempting to sell your personal analysis as a brand, selling yourself is also required. One way this can be done is through storytelling (Sherrett, 2012). By creating an About page for yourself, Sherrett states this will help your business “build understanding [and] emotional connections” (2012) between yourself and your audience. Since it is easier to monetize people you know and understand, this can be an advantageous asset. On Sherrett’s page, she has a fun fact about herself at the bottom, it is short, but it conveys humour and a personality reader’s believe they can connect too. This gains trust without any fanfare convincing readers you’re a good person.

Another way we’ve disscussed in lecture is through social media. Tod Maffin presented on the idea that it’s one of the best ways to get in touch with your audience. There are no links to any social media sites on the website, but Twitter or Facebook already have young demographics who are interested in the topics you mainly post about, so half the battle is already won! Though I don’t see any specifics of a monetizing plan on the site, posting your articles into those groups could gather an audience that would be monetizable through a possible subscription to your page, or merchandise for your brand.

The advantages of a social media presence and About page is a more engaged audience, as well as an audience that can connect to your work on a personal level, who will be more likely to repost and comment on posts out of loyalty to a brand they feel represents their personal interests.

It might be easier to create consistent social media content for specific online communities if you posted about a narrower number of topics, or mentioned in your sub-heading the kinds of posts you like to make. This would also make monetizing easier down the road, if you wanted to pick specific movie related advertisements to display along the sides of your page. There are many around topics of movies and the controversies that stem from actors and the industry, if that was designated as your website’s main goal it would be easier to generate traffic, define your purpose, and sell yourself at the presentation we have to give at the end.

This website’s content is strong and incredibly interesting, it deserves a dedicated audience to match.

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