A Vision

-Vision board-

Aesthetics interest me.
I have whole folders on my computer where I save meaningless, seemingly unconnected photos I come across while online. While they start there as lonely single snapshots, every now and then I get the chance to team them up, arrange them in the hopes that if I settle on the right pattern, like an 18th century aristocratic florist, it’ll invoke some desired feeling.
This blog deals with a fictions city, written in the voice of a fictions woman, who details the comedically mundane consequences of major world ending cataclysms. I found images representing the tone I want to convey; nonchalance, (the middle image, along with two kids sitting apart) working to mask underlying tension, (dark  clouds, lonely outposts) emerging societal problems, (watch towers, empty skyscrapers) and personal conflict (bloody knuckles and flowers).

I started my vision board on Dream it Alive, however, soon discovered I would rather search up my own images and create my own template then be constrained by theirs. The images I ended up choosing came from a number of sources, including Tumblr’s where many aesthetic photos are compiled, as well as through Flickr.