Peer review #1


Janelle Chan’s website, Be right back, is an adorably laid out, easy to follow page detailing the Vancouver-esque adventures of stepping outside and embracing everyday positivity.
The homepage is a testament to this sunny resolve; backdropped by every known shade of pastel pink, a plethora of boutique artisan photos and positive mantras happily greets the viewer. It invokes a placid contentment, the same feeling you’d gain being handed a daisy chain, splurging on an expensive latte, shoving on your favourite pair of sneakers, or contemplating your tentative plan to purchase a record player. (Only second-hand of course)
All those feelings are welcome here.
Although the opening image is inviting, I would consider enlarging the title, or choosing a bolder, bigger font as to avoid the blogs name being swallowed and lost in the complexity of the opener. I believe it would attain a more professional feel for the blog as well.

Be right back’s About page falls in line with the straightforward accessibility found in the rest of her website. It’s easy to find in the menu bar, and is a fairly short paragraph, which is relieving. It would be nice to spruce up the page with a cute picture or media insert of some kind.
In relation to the John Suler reading, The online disinhibition effect, (2004) Be right back pushes firmly against the idea the the internet manifests “toxic disinhibition” from anonymity, resulting in “no personal growth at all” from the content creator. As read in her About page, Janelle states that she is “grabbing onto this opportunity [the website]” in hopes of “comfortably expressing (herself).” She also makes clear that she wishes for people to contact her about her blog posts. This contradicts Suler’s argument that “Dissociative anonymity” and “Invisibility” properties of the internet are always abused. This being said, this cultivated cyberspace is lacking in any personal pictures, or anything giving insight to any of the authors opinions. It’ll be interesting to watch if any personal information comes to light.

I appreciate all the tags and categories which keep thins blog neat and tidy, as I know for a fact I have to sort my own out, it’s nice to see someone who’s mastered the organization part already. The posiel tag with its process posts and reflections are calming just because its so simplistic.
I hope Janelle adds some more eccentric flavour to her blog posts, stepping outside, and outside her comfort zone in the future.
The blog is off to a great, concise, technologically advanced start, and I’m excited to see what happens next!

You can check out Janelle’s blog right here!