Peer review #2

Peer review #2


First impressions: Stainless steel interior design meets edgy old murder movie.

Jenny Chan’s website, Between the Stripes immediately confronts the visitor with its stark black and white theme, bold header font, and strict geometric layout. The whole page is an austere homage to contrasts; the grey lines running parallel behind the title achieves a smoky vintage aesthetic, like a 1950’s experimental noir film about a B-rated detective and A-list actress, while the strict set up of the white posts definitively separated by thick black lines feels contemporary as a modern kitchen made of polished cement in a two page spread of Architectural Digest.

In lecture week four, when Mauve Pagé presented on website design, she mentioned that font, as well as the percentage of white space a website has are critical in determining how professional or successful the page will be. Between the Stripes carries itself above an amateur blog. The overall physical design of the website is fantastic; the theme works in accordance to the tone of content, the font and post headers are consistent all the way through, which was a point Mauve stressed, and the centered menu allows for easy navigation through the blog.
Along the left side of the home page there is a column titled Follow me. Underneath are social media logos that link to Jenny’s accounts. The clarity of this set up is great, however, I would consider decreasing the amount of whitespace, as it would allow the viewer to see all the links without having to scroll. There’s also a fair amount of whitespace around the blog posts themselves, if setting a feature image is available, it might hold a viewer’s interest longer.

The Encyclopedia of human-computer interaction by Victor Kaptelinin claims intuitivness is the highest virtue for a website. While the layout is very intuitive, the About page reads more like a bio of Jenny instead of a description of the blog. Although the picture of her in a hoodie is great, the reader has to piece together what the blog will do, when that should be clear right away.
The kind of audience this blog might attract is one of no non-sleepers. The surrealist glow of the neon pictures in For The Stuffy Nose, and the more mellow images in the Song of the Day area invoke a feeling of timelessness, where you’ve been up for so long you might as well just endure till the next day because if you sleep now you’ll never wake up. (I love Portugal. The man, I was stoked to see the remix there!)

Between the Stripes is gearing up to be a unique blog that’ll provide fantastic fresh content. I’m pumped to learn what the Captures section of their blog is about too, when they add something there.

Great job!