Peer review #3

My third peer review goes out to Ran Bi, and their blog MyHobo.

Upon entering MyHobo, my first thought is how much I love the title font. Font’s, as we’ve discussed in earlier lectures set the style and tone of a webpage. They’re the facial expression of a blog, and this one emanates a purely relaxed vibe, perhaps of someone welcoming you into their home as they lounge on the couch, offering you a cup of tea or coffee as you come in from the Vancouver rain. Perhaps the couch is set in an abandoned building they’re squatting in, but its a couch all the same.
Marketing strategies we learned about talk a lot about branding. Branding can come through using a distinctive font, it might be worthwhile to change all your headers, like the process posts to the unique title font instead of Aril, which is fairly generic. Keeping the font consistent and interesting would make your brand more recognizable were you to venture onto more media channels to diversify your audience, as the Natalie Robehmed reading examines.

Once in tutorial, we tested to see if our blogs looked good on mobile as well as desktop using Google Mobile friendly test. This is an important feature for reaching your audience, as demonstrated in the Internet trends reading, as many people use the internet on their phones as much as they do on laptops or desktops. However, using Google analytics, you could decipher what device your audience mostly uses and set up your webpage to aid them.

In Ran’s Week 5 process post, they mentioned that their intended audience is people who like to journal or decorate with stickers and cute tape, and that their audience will most likely be all women. I would readily agree with Ran also on the fact that the blog needs more content.
Maybe after you post a page of your journal, you could do a follow up post on what materials you used in what order since DIY blogs are very trendy right now, and many people would be intrigued by your art.
The vision board, which is a page from one of their journals, as well as their Remix show amazingly unique creative skills, it would be amazing to see more of it up on the blog. Alongside that, writing an About page would help attract an audience as they can connect with the author and the artwork better, having a connection with your viewers is key to marketing your products/services/content to them.
Perhaps linking your blog to an Instagram account or Facebook page would help increase viewership as it would ‘cast a wider net’ over the internet to pull people in. Being on as many channels as possible shows that you are an established, more professional member of the online community.

I believe that with a little tweaking of fonts, and the addition of content, this great blog will be not only marketable, but monetizable as well!