The end of the community

The end of the community

The community standards I would set for interacting with my website would reflect the overall satirical tone of my content, while still ticking off the basic things which I will not allow.
I would format my guidelines similarly to those of BookRiots; short, simple, and to the point.
Firstly, I would clearly state that any threats or hate speech in the comments section, be it sexist, racist, homophobic, etc, would not be tolerated. Father down I would clarify that I was the one with the final say on what would be retracted.
I would create this rule for the safety of others enjoying my blog, and for my own safety. As “the dark side of Guardian comments” reading points out, most harassment and online abuse is directed at women, and I’m already aware that if my audience grew I might be targeted.
However, I would be extremely careful interacting with people o my blog, as I would interact with comments as Fysh, and would not want to take away from the surreality of the website. I would make sure to include more ridiculous rules, such as any threat involving the boiling of mutant pigeon bones will result in immediate expulsion! to keep up the facade.

If anyone wished to contact me as Zoe, I would have a submissions or contact spot on the blog.

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